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Stephen McDowell

Done this 2 times now.(where the buyer is out of the area).......I always leave it up the buyer to arrange shipment. One time a person was in Dallas, TX, the other Berlin, Germany.

The purchase is via PayPal but in multiple transactions as PayPal limits this to 10K or less (both times, the cars sold for $19,500, so two payments to cover the cost.
Both time the seller did not even come and view the car.  When sold I shipped all the trophies with the cars, after they belong to the car not me.

I got back all the money I invested in those sales but the current be has $40K sunk into it, so I will be holding on for a while....

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On Monday, February 8, 2021, 8:45:57 AM EST, Roger Searle via <searlerb@...> wrote:

Hi All,

I have a possible buyer for my 1971 MGB GT who lives in Arizona.  If he buys it, I'm not sure he will come to PA to pick it up - just ship it there.  Does anyone have experience or recommendations doing a remote sales transaction?  My current plan is to have the payment wired to my account and afterward send the signed title with the car.

Best regards,

Roger Searle

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