It's Girl Scout Cookie time ๐Ÿ˜Š

Kristi Liebel

Hello all,

It is Girl Scout Cookie Time ๐Ÿ˜Š (well almost)!

This cookie season, like everything else, is going to be quite different then most and because of COVID our council is allowing us to do pre-orders - you tell us what you want and once the sale actually starts (Jan 21st) then we can complete the transaction. We will also have the option for you to order online (I have not heard officially but shipping costs around $6 I think) and your cookies will be delivered right to your door and the girls will get credit for your order (link will be sent out on the 21st). We just found out last night that we are not able to hold any kind of cookie booth this year (at least at this time) so our personal sales are going to be very important.

Our daughters, Wynter and CaeLyn, wanted me to contact you on their behalf. If you do not have a Girl Scout in your life and would like to get some cookies please consider purchasing them from Wynter and CaeLyn. If interested you can just contact me and we can set up a time to get them to you.

Thanks for your time and thank you for your support of Wynter, CaeLyn and the Girl Scouts! All cookies are $4 a box again this year and our Gluten Free (which is not shown on the order form) is $5 a box. We do have a new cookie - Toast-Yay! - I found it to be delish especially if you like french toast! This is also the last year for the Sโ€™Mores cookies - we will not know what will be replacing them until closer to next yearโ€™s cookie sales.

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