Re: Fall Rallye - important information

Ed Emery

Ed, the rally master will share the details of the rally at the drivers meeting but normally it is a scavenger hunt rally. The rally master will have a route sheet for each team with directions to follow along with a list of questions that need answered.  Correct answers are tallied up and the team with the most correct is the winner.  Sometimes there is a time factor to the rally.  There is a staggered start with a car going every few minutes.

The route is usually drive along a lot of sports car friendly back roads and we end up at a spot for lunch while the results are tallied.


If you have not done one before they are a lot of fun and the weather Sat is looking good.


Ed Emery


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So what does the rallye entail? Is there a route posted somewhere? How long is it? I can't find any info on it. Or is it a surprise? 

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