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Assuming that you've installed the new wiring harness to the fuse block and fitted new fuses plus also connected every ground wire in the harness to appropriate ground points, I would connect the probes of a digital voltmeter  (set on "buzz" or "tone" option) across the wires which connect to the device at the device you want to operate, then operate the corresponding switch.  If you get a tone or buzz from the meter when you operate the switch, you're good to go.

Example: horns...find the horn wires where the horns will be.  Connect the meter (set to buzz or tone) probes to the horn wire connectors.  Press the horn button....meter should buzz.

Sounds tedious but should go smoothly. ..hopefully you have a,wiring diagram.

Chip Krout  '76 B

On Oct 12, 2020, at 3:18 PM, Roger Williams <rogerotto@...> wrote:
Hello All

I am nearly finished installing a new wiring harness in my Austin Cooper S. I have tested items such as the horn, wipers, heater blower, lights, etc. using my 12V bench battery so I know they work independent of the wiring harness.

Once the switches on the dash and the steering column are connected I would like to re-test.

So... my question is .... how/can do I do that?

The battery is not in the car.
The engine is not in the car.

Roger Williams
‘66 Austin Cooper S

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