Re: Issues with Certain Email Addresses

Larry Spitzer

I’ve been receiving most if not all Club emails with my yahoo account, but if you need a second address, you can use my work email:


On Aug 23, 2020, at 5:06 PM, John Pagden via <> wrote:

Hi Kristi,
I think you have two emails for John and Jody Pagden. We do use both but whatever works for you. They are-
Thanks and hope all works out for you on that end.


On Aug 23, 2020, at 4:24 PM, Kristi Liebel <> wrote:

Good Afternoon again,

I am so sorry to bombard you all with emails today - fortunately or unfortunately I finally forced myself to sit and get PMGC stuff taken care of that I have let go for a bit. Anyway I am sending out a request for those of you with Yahoo, AOL and Verizon email addresses - my request is this - do you have another email address that we could use for the club email list? I ask because for some reason the Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon servers have blacklisted our phillymgclub email addresses. So if you send me an email I am not able to respond with my phillymgclub email (luckily for me I have another email address that I can respond from).

I am in the process of looking for another domain hosting site (ok well my Dad will be helping me 😊) so that this issue hopefully does not continue but in the meantime if you do have another email address that I can add to your contact information that would be great.

Thanks so much,


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