Rare Sprite for Sale!

Kevin McLemore

I’ll tell ya, if I was in the market for a Sprite I’d snap this one in a heartbeat. The 1964-1/2 Sprites were the rarest of all, and there’s one on CL right now locally. 
That model of Sprite had the earlier (lighter) side-curtain roadster body, but the instruments, front disc brakes and 1098cc (10CC) engine of the later models - and that engine had gobs of torque, with long stroke, a better flowing head and a thicker 2” mains crank to handle it. Plus, it had the best gearbox ever built for a Spridget, the steel synchro unit that shifts just as snappy as a Getrag (after about a year they went back to brass synchros for some unbelievably stupid reason). Finally, due to the factory running out of the earlier seats, they used what were in effect Healey 3000 seats, which IMHO were the most comfortable seats ever put in a Spridget. 
I had one of these Sprites back in the 1970’s,  in the extremely rare color of black, with red interior and a red tonneau and top... and I kick myself regularly for ever selling it. 
My old one:
Check this Sprite out... and please... somebody... for gosh sakes... buy this car!*
*(so I can get a ride in it!)


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