Re: Sunday Breakfast Get-Together in Ambler - PLEASE RSVP

Steve Perlman

Sounds good. 9:00am on a Sunday though. That's not really on Lockdown Time for a Sunday...... 10:00am sounds more appropriate. But hey if we have to, we can set an alarm clock to be there on time. Lol

Sorry I missed last night. For the few minutes I signed on you might have seen I was at a car dealership (O'Neil Nissan) helping Deb's daughter buy her first car. 

Be safe and be well. We are in for early early Sunday morning breakfast. 

Steve P Yellow B

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020, 10:31 PM Kevin McLemore <kmclemore@...> wrote:

OK, so as per our discussion tonight, I did find a place that can do a Covid-compliant outdoor breakfast. (That being said, given the tonight's news from Harrisburg it may be a moot point!)

I've just had a discussion with the owner of a local eatery, The Sweet Briar Cafe in Ambler.  She and her husband have the ability to host our group for Sunday breakfasts.  There's a large parking lot right across the street, and on-street parking as well (just off the main drag), so we'd be able to be near our cars, have breakfast in the outdoors (appropriately socially distanced) and enjoy a socially responsible time together.  

She's got a 6 tables with 4 chairs each outside in the grassy area next to her restaurant, and we each can of course bring our own tables and chairs to supplement if needed.  The area is pretty large, so social distancing shouldn't be too much of a problem.  Prices are reasonable, I've eaten there before and the food's always been very good. (They don't have a liquor license, but 9:00 am on a Sunday is a bit early for me anyway!)

Have a look at their menu here:  (takes some time to load that page... please be patient)

Given we need to take the weather into account for an outdoor meal, I think we should plan on doing it this coming Sunday morning (6/14) at 9:00 am, since we can reasonably predict the weather on that date.  It's supposed to be sunny and about 66 degrees at that time.

How does that sound to everyone?  Would you attend? If so, how many of you?  Please replay so I have some idea if this will work. (thanks!)


Kevin McLemore
Overhead View, below.  Area in Red is where we'd probably park our cars.  Area in Yellow is the restaurant and next-door grassy area for eating.

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