Re: PMGC Grille Badges are Here!!

Don Scholl

One for me, please. I can’t make the drive so I’ll have to wait until the next appropriate time.

Don Scholl

On May 31, 2020, at 11:07 PM, Noel Torchio <ntorch96m@...> wrote:

Hold one for me.


On May 31, 2020, at 9:23 PM, Daniel Commale via <chryslerman15@...> wrote:

 Hello Kristy,

I will take one. 

Thank you,
Dan Commale

On Sunday, May 31, 2020, 7:01 PM, Bernie Hall <behall5@...> wrote:

Hi Kristy, 

I'll take one.


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On May 31, 2020, at 6:38 PM, Kristi Liebel <kliebel@...> wrote:
Grille Badges have Arrived.
Get your Philly MG Club Grille Badge today.
Only $35 + shipping (if shipping is needed)
We do have Curb Side Pick-up if interested.

I will have them with me tomorrow for anyone who is on the drive and wants to get them.


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