Re: PMGC: This Coming Monday, June 1st -- "Recreate With Your LBC" Drive" - Round 2 !

Don Scholl

Yes for Don and maybe Peg.

Don Scholl

On May 26, 2020, at 4:19 PM, Kevin McLemore <kmclemore@...> wrote:

Jan and I have planned out another route for this coming Monday, June 1st.  It will be about a 1 hour and 20 minute run, through pretty areas of Montgomery County, ending at the Fitzwater Station Pub where we can "recreate" and enjoy a bag/picnic lunch, or purchase lunch and an appropriate frothy cold beverage, all whilst practicing proper social distancing.
PLEASE RESPOND TO ME with a simple "YES" and how many total people will be in your LBC.
(No need to respond with any regrets.)
NOTE: All COVID-19 safety rules will be in effect, as will safe driving practices -- please read the "Please Read Before Setting Off" notice at the bottom of this email for details on this.  If you feel unable to comply with these rules, please contact me with your concerns so we can discuss them, or simply choose not to attend.
Date:  Monday, June 1
Meetup Time: 10:30 am  - PLEASE BE PROMPT, or even a bit early;  Call Jan at 215-272-3441 if you'll be late.
Meetup Place: 
  • Fitzwater Station, near Phoenixville. 
    • ETA will be about 12:15-12:30 pm
    • Map link: 
    • They have take-out pub-grub, including sandwiches, cheese steaks, quesadillas, salads, etc., as well as a decent selection of beers. 
    • Their specialty is seafood, so their crab-cake sandwiches, shrimp wrap, salmon BLT, etc. are particularly good, and they give you a fair bit of food.
    • Their menu may be viewed here.
    • No need to call ahead along the way unless you're in a bit of a hurry to eat, since they usually do a sandwich in about 10-15 minutes.
    • They have bathrooms!
What to bring:
  • Blanket or chair(s) for your seating.  There are 6 picnic tables on site, but they may be in use.
  • A mask and personal sanitation supplies. 
  • Hat, sunscreen & sunglasses (it's supposed to be about 72 degrees and sunny)
  • Bag Lunch or Picnic for yourself (and any cohabiting passengers), unless you're buying there
  • Something to drink, unless you're buying there
  • Baseball glove and a sterile glove (if you want to participate in a game of catch)
What I will also bring:
  • Baseball, Frisbee, a few extra sterile gloves, a complete toolbox and a tow rope.
Kevin & Jan McLemore

Please Read Before Setting Off (Thank You!)

General Road Rally Guidelines:

  • Drive safely!
  • Do not take unusual, unsafe or illegal measures to keep up.  We’ll wait for you.
  • To help prevent anyone getting lost, each rally car is responsible for the rally car behind. 
    • Glance back after each change of direction, and occasionally during longer stretches, to ensure the car behind you is keeping up.
    • If you see the car behind you isn’t there, slow down to allow them to catch up, or if necessary, pull over at a safe place and wait. 
    • If you see the car behind you pulling over, pull over at the next safe place.
    • Pull back out into traffic safely when you see that the car behind you has reconnected with the group.
      • If you’re the car rejoining, flash your headlamps 4 times to indicate it’s OK for the pulled-over car ahead of you to pull out ahead of you and continue on the rally.
      • If you see a rally car behind you flashing their headlights 4 times, it means it’s OK for you to pull out ahead of him (or her) and continue on the rally.
  • If a non-rally car or two gets in between our rally cars, let them stay there.  They will eventually peel off.
  • If more than two non-rally cars get in between our cars, and it looks to be a problem, the lead rally car will try to pull over safely to regroup.
  • If you get horribly lost or your car suffers a breakdown, pull over safely and call the lead car at 215-272-3441 - we’ll sort you out.
  • Have your passenger (if you have one) handle all communications. 
  • Have your passenger (if you have one) take lots of photos!
  • Have fun!

Covid-19 Guidelines for the Road Rally:

  • We are respecting the guidelines as set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
    • Wear a suitable mask when near others A mask is not required when in your car unless you are riding with a non-cohabiting partner.
    • Maintain at least 6-foot distancing between non-cohabiting folks whenever we are out of the cars, including whilst eating. 
    • Sanitize touched areas properly after any necessitated direct human contact (steering wheel, shift knob, door handles, Frisbee, etc.)
    • Wash hands and face thoroughly with soap and water upon returning home.  Avoid touching your face until then.
  • The goal is to protect each other, as friends always should.  When in doubt, take the extra measure to offer protection.

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