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Kevin McLemore

Excellent! I’m looking forward to it.

Kevin McLemore

On May 6, 2020, at 12:17 PM, Kristi Liebel <> wrote:

Good afternoon fellow MG family,

I hope this email finds you all doing well during this uncertain time. We have been surviving as best as we can here.

In an effort to try to have things somewhat normal we, the Board, have decided we are going to try a Zoom meeting for our May GT. The room will open at 7:00pm for all to come in and have conversations, say hi, etc. Then at 7:30 we will mute everyone and run our business portion of the meeting. Once that is complete we will open the floor (room) back up to conversations again for a bit.

We will send the Zoom Meeting link when we get closer to May 12th, in the meantime if you have any questions or concerns on how to join a meeting or anything please don’t hesitate to reach out. Lambert has become a bit of an expert with Zoom because he runs his “Office Hours” for his students through Zoom.

Looking forward to seeing you all - and NO this is not just for current members. If there are any past members who would like to join to say hi, please feel free - all are welcome.

Stay safe, stay strong and Safety Fast,


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