Re: What are you doing while you are in quarantine?

Steve Perlman

Deb and I started a project that turned into a business making PPE Face shields. (For those who haven't seen my FaceBook).
Heartland Dental Group got ahold of us and their offices are contacting us every day.  They have 1000 offices.  Plus nursing homes, car dealerships, individuals, you name it.  So either me or Deb are awake 21 hours a day running the printer farm we literally assembled in a 72 hour period 3 weeks ago.

Other than that, not much.

Stevie P Yellow P

PS if anyone needs something 3D printed keep us in mind. We have printers (with an S)

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They said the restoration and conversion would cost about $62,000 (50,000 pounds).   Sounded to me like
right ball park for a ground up restoration.


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Ug the amount of wrong info hurts my brain. 1275 engine produced from 1958-2000???!!!!!!!

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 Velocity channel

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We have Xfinity nit Verizon so we need to know that channel.
Karen Schulte 

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Jeff - thanks for the message - Steve

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Cable TV alert for tonight at 10pm.

Motor Trend Channel (Verizon Ch 631).
“Vintage Voltage”  MG Midget

Hope everyone is staying safe and Well.
Jeff Detwiler 
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