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Karen Schulte

Thanks Jeff and Mary...
Hope you are well too!
Karen Schulte 

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Subject: [PhillyMGClub] MG Puzzler #1

To All,
I hope this finds everyone doing well and OK.
If you are working the on front lines, please stay safe.

You are probably like Mary and myself at home finding things to do, or maybe
rummaging around the house to stay occupied by addressing long-overdue projects.

Well, I figured now might be a perfect opportunity to provide everyone a brief 
distraction from this new adventure we are all dealing with and help allow our minds 
to focus on something different than the everyday news - if only for a brief moment 
in the day. 

So, I created an MG related - Crossword Puzzle for you all to take a stab at.
*  Please find attached a .pdf file with the Puzzle and Clues.
*  First, Print the puzzle, work thru it, then if you can, scan it and E-mail it 
   back to me as a .pdf copy of your finished Puzzle.
   My E-mail is:  (nsp7919@...)

So, since it's a Rainy/Nasty out, have some fun relaxing with your feet up, pencil
in hand and have at it, or are your one who can do Crossword Puzzles in INK?

As always, looking forward to getting the car out and seeing everybody soon when we can.

Jeff (and Mary)
'78 MGB (Original Owner)

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