Re: 15 Inch Wheel Conversion for '78 B

Kevin McLemore

There are several of them. They use average GPS location change to calculate movement and speed.

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A speedo app for your phone? What is that?

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On 2/27/20 11:08 AM, Steve Harding via Groups.Io wrote:
I didn’t recalibrate the speedometer, I got an app for my phone. I hung from the rear view mirror; it worked great. 
Steve Harding 

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Thanks Bob.

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The ride. Is much better with the 15 "  but the speedometer must be recalibrated. And you need narrow tires for clearance in rear fenders don't remember the size

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Hi all,

Does anyone have experience in switching a rubber bumper B to 15 inch wheels?  How big a job?  Is it worth it for handling and appearance?  Etc.?


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