Lookin' for a mitzvah...

Kevin McLemore

Hi, folks -

A friend from my boy scout troop has approached me and is looking to rent or borrow an MGB for a day.  His elderly (but thankfully still healthy) father once owned an MGB and was a member of an MG car club or two in the past.  My friend would like to surprise his dad with a drive in an MGB to go see the Simeone Museum.  I don't have a B, or I'd simply offer to loan him mine, but I'm wondering if anyone here would consider such a thing?  My friend does know how to drive a stick - he learned to drive on one, apparently, and still has skills.

So... if anyone is interested in helping out, please contact me off list at kmclemore@... or jut give me a call.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Kevin McLemore

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