Re: MGB fresh air "cowl vent cover"

Bob Hitchiner

Just a thought on this...The cowl vent is easily removed.  Make a blocking plate out of plastic or aluminum.   Cut one your self.   Get 2 wing nuts.  Drill 2 holes in the blocking plate and two large washers(Home Depot).  Attach the blocking plate to the cowl vent using the wing nuts (sandwich style) and push your cowl vent back in place. Should take you less then a 6 pack depending on how much help you have watching you.

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Sorry, Roger.  I've watched two of these blow away and low speeds.

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I'd like to get a "cowl vent cover" to close off the fresh air intake that is just ahead of the windscreen.  Moss has these and they are held in place magnetically but states that they are not for use when the car is in operation.  My goal is to use it while driving to stop the leakage of winter air into the cabin.

Does anyone know of a type that is suitable for operation.



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