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Larry Macy

So the outgoing Prez won the Rallye. Nicely done Ed!! Congrats to all whom participated. Who got 2nd & 3rd??



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It’s a sweep for the PMGC. Our club took 1st at the spring rally along with the club cup. Then we won the mini -golf challenge and now the 1st at the fall rally also retaining the club cup.

The rally  was chilly at the start and I was the only one who showed up with the top town.  One Triumph lowered theirs  to start the rally. As the day went on it got nicer and it was a benefit to have the top down as some of the clues would have been hard to spot. 
As it was out of 64 questions we had 7 wrong. A few were tricky and we did a few go backs.

Thanks to all who attended.


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Yes!! That’s what I like to hear!!! 
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So??? Anyone who went to the rallye - how did it go?!

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Hello everyone,

Do not forget tomorrow is the Fall Rallye. We will not be able to make it so we wish everyone good luck.


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