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On Sunday, August 4, 2019 lgweinraub <> wrote:

Thank you. I got the units from Moss.  Already replaced the one behind the glove box.  Now trying to remove the console unit to get to the flasher.  I will say the lights are much brighter.  

Last year I put in relays for horn and headlights. Worked great brighter and louder.  

Anyone with suggestions on how to remove the console 


On Aug 4, 2019, at 12:15 PM, George Van Horn via Groups.Io <GAlotis@...> wrote:

On a 74, the 4 way flasher is behind the center console, console must be moved to get to it

On Sunday, August 4, 2019 Stephen McDowell via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I did this last month, both relays are behind the glove box.
The replacements that MOSS sells are the correct ones as they have a grounding lead that is needed.....don't buy one at AutoZone or elsewhere that does not have the ground wire.
There are two types of relays (2 prong and 3 prong) so, pull your old ones out, label them (turn or 4 way) then order the corresponding one from Moss.

While you are at it, replace headlights with LED ones from too and add relays to the lights, side markers, horn, fans.
Replace the Lucas relays with RL44s too

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On ‎Sunday‎, ‎August‎ ‎4‎, ‎2019‎ ‎11‎:‎53‎:‎29‎ ‎AM‎ ‎EDT, lgweinraub <lgweinraub@...> wrote:

I am putting in LED bulbs and need to replace the two flasher units.  I replaced the one behind the glove box.  I have been told that the second one is behind the console and radio.  Any suggestions how to easily access this unit
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