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Lester Weinraub

Beautiful view. Have fun traveling the country 


On Jun 29, 2019, at 3:21 PM, Larry Macy <lmacy@...> wrote:

Oops, forgot to include a pic of our current back yard.



Larry B. Macy, Ph.D., LMT
Morrisville, PA

Being human is not about individual survival or escape. It’s a team sport. Whatever future humans have, it will be together.
~ douglas rushkoff

On Jun 29, 2019, at 3:19 PM, Larry Macy <lmacy@...> wrote:

I am somewhat saddened to report that I have sold my 1978 MG Midget. I have owned and driven this car since 1980ish. Before that I had a 76. so for all practical purposes I have driven a Midget for more than 4 decades. It was my middle child and she has gone off to college at 41 :0-( It is now over.

I said I was “somewhat" saddened as this was a necessary step in our moving into the next phase of our lives. Theresa and I are going mobile!!!! WHOO HOO are we excited about this!!  We have sold our house in Morrisville and moved full time into our RV. We have been discussing and planning this for about 5 years. After last years health issues, and this winters 3 months living in the RV we decided it was time to take the plunge. We will be traveling the US hoping to hit every National Park in the contiguous USA. We’ll see.

Currently we are at Penn Warner Club, on a lake pretty close to Morrisville. We have commitments for the summer locally so we’ll be around. But we hope to maintain a 70 degree F or greater life style from here on out.

The Midget currently resides with a friend in Tuscara PA whim will take good care of it and allow me to drive it when we are in the area. :-)

If you are interested in following our adventures as we travel the land you can subscribe to our blog (not a lot of posts, mostly picture libraries, no worries) or like us on Facebook and Instagram @ontheroadnaturally

Take care and we’ll see ya On the Road, Naturally.

PS I’ll still be on the lists watching the goings on of my Spridgeteers.


Larry B. Macy, Ph.D., LMT
Morrisville, PA

Being human is not about individual survival or escape. It’s a team sport. Whatever future humans have, it will be together.
~ douglas rushkoff

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