Re: Tires for MGB

Ira Spector

A few years ago, just after I got my 69E type on the road, I took it to the annual MG show at Horseshoe Lake, New Jersey. The redline tires looked new, with almost perfect tread.  I opted for a spirited ride up 287 at high-speeds rather than my usual back road trip, and I had a blast tossing the car at highway speeds.

At the show I met a so-called expert, who pointed out the dry rot cracks in between the almost new perfect tread. Needless to say that I limped home very carefully on back roads. I was lucky. The tires have since been replaced and will likely dry rot again before they wear out.  The urge to drive it hard makes old tires risky.

For the same reason, I replaced the tires on my ‘77 MGB. I bought them at a local discount tire shop and they were not easy to find.

Vredesteins are very good tires.  We had them on a Honda and they handled well and sold the car before they wore out.  Sports and Classics in Connecticut was the dealer that had them.

 It’s just not worth the risk.


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10 years is the standard. Inside side walls and rubber deteriation.
I run Federals on my Magnette. I will check when I get home on the GT but soft low mileage tires are fine for them as we don't drive them many miles to begin with.

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