Midget 1500 Drivetrain for sale

Larry Macy

Drive Train For Sale

Now here’s a deal you won’t see very often. I have a complete 1500 5 speed drive train for sale. The engine is a recently rebuilt 1500 with .010 oversized flat top pistons, for that higher compression ratio. Also added to this tweaked engine is a Schumacher 276 mild cam. Does cause a little lope at idle. For air flow there is a downdraft Weber on a Pierce manifold and steel headers. The engine has less than 2000 miles on it. Bolted neatly to the back of this engine is a rebuilt Ford T9 tranny from a Ford Sierra. The tranny was rebuilt in England and sourced to Frontline and I had it shipped from England. I have been driving that tranny for about 10 years and it has around 8000 miles. Including one trip up Mt Washington. It’s a complete drivetrain, from new radiator to drive line. It’s a bit heavy so it is a Pickup Only item. Drivetraiin is conveniently wrapped in a 1978 Midget that has a bent quarter panel and rear clip. You can drive it home.

Complete Drivetrain for only $3500. Compare that to Moss Motors tranny only conversion kit for $3895. Its like getting a more powerful engine for free. All offers considered.

Contact me at lmacy@phillymgclub or lmacy@mac.com for details.

Larry B. Macy, Ph.D., LMT
Morrisville, PA

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