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Since this is my annual burp and scratch fishing weekend I will not be at the show.  Hopefully someone who is there can take roll to score valuable club points.

Remember to wear your club shirt and name badge, both score points.





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Subject: [PhillyMGClub] Hope Lodge British Car Show After Party


Is anyone going to the All British Marque show at Hope Lodge in Fort Washington (5 minutes from the GT meeting spot)?

It is this Saturday June 1.  See links below for more details.


it’s all British cars and motorcycles.


Also a National Jaguar Concours event where you will see ers looking better than they came off the showroom floor.


You name a British car, and you will see it / many there.


As many of you know, we live 5 minutes from the GT / Phil’s.


After the show, everyone is welcome at our house.  


The pool and BBQ will be open.  Music playing, beer, soda, water and popsicles.


Casual… nothing formal.  We have tons of chairs and towels.


Even if it rains, we have a huge outdoor awning / patio where you can be outside overlooking the garden and stay dry.


Bring your swimsuit along.


306 Whitemarsh Valley Road

Fort Washington , PA 19034




****P.S.  This event is being run simultaneously with a craft beer and food festival.!event-register/2019/6/1/cars-motorcycles-of-england

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