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Please see the below information and if anyone wants more information please contact Ed:

I received this email the other week and discussed it at the last GT. If you are interested in this project I can send pictures and more information. I have 30 pages of invoices and lots of pictures

Jim Trope sent me this
I am trying to help a friend’s widow. My friend was named Rich Hensheimer who lived here in Erie PA. In 2017 he purchased a 1963 MGB as a retirement restoration project (his second MGB restoration). I was going to help him with the project since I helped on a 1968 MGB restoration many years ago. He purchased all new parts to restore the car. He was in the process of replacing sheet metal panels in the usual places where MGB’s rust in this climate. He had the engine rebuilt with a 5 main bearing crank, rebuilt transmission with overdrive, changed the gear ratio in the rear axle, rebuilt lever shocks, brakes etc. This work was done by MG Limited in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, Rich passed away suddenly due to a heart condition. As I mentioned, I am trying to assist his widow to try to find a home for this project. To that end I have attached a complete list of the parts Rich purchased. I can also supply photos.

I am asking if you could provide some suggestions as to how to market this project. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Jim Trope

P.S. my cell number is: 941-928-9532

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