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Lester Weinraub

Bummer. Missed a nice ending with Kenn and Bernie taking back the Lucas Cup. 


On Apr 27, 2019, at 2:33 PM, James C. Witte <james.witte87@...> wrote:

Fortunately Jean and I got over our bug problem And made the rally start at number 22.
Unfortunately, our “B” Did not get over it’s bug And cut out at Chadds Ford.  
After cleaning the rust out of the fuel filter we got on our way again.
Towards home.
All is good

Jim & Jean

PS:  What can I do with a tank of rusty gas?


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Jean and I are questionable as we are both getting over the bug.

I’ll let you know tomorrow morning if we can make it.
Jim & Jean Witte


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Pete Baumbach and I are in.

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Hey PMGCer’s,

I am trying to get a head/car count of those that are going to be attempting to get the Cup back for the PMGC. I need to be sure I have enough question/answer sheets.

So Who's going??

I expect a very long list!!


Larry B. Macy, Ph.D., LMT
Morrisville, PA

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