Re: Substitute Rallye Master Needed

Larry Macy

Sure, I understand Where’s Bob will be at the start to help send every one off, but any assistance would be welcome, especially at the finish :-)



Larry B. Macy, Ph.D., LMT
Morrisville, PA

Being human is not about individual survival or escape. It’s a team sport. Whatever future humans have, it will be together.
~ douglas rushkoff

On Apr 24, 2019, at 11:15 PM, Don Scholl via Groups.Io <dbscholl@...> wrote:

Larry:  My MGs are not available for the rally, so, would you like a hand with the event?

Don Scholl 

Don Scholl

On Apr 23, 2019, at 8:40 AM, Larry Macy <lmacy@...> wrote:

As far as I am concerned, this does end the controversy. I am taking over this operation (Name the movie ;-)

Drivers meeting at 9:30, first off at 10. 

This is the address for the only Acme I can find in Paoli.

39 Leopard Rd
Paoli, PA 19301



Larry B. Macy, Ph.D., LMT
Morrisville, PA

Being human is not about individual survival or escape. It’s a team sport. Whatever future humans have, it will be together.
~ douglas rushkoff

On Apr 22, 2019, at 8:53 PM, Emery via Groups.Io <john.emery5@...> wrote:

You can get there any time you want but the drivers meeting is at 9:30, Start at 10.
Larry is the  Rally Master

Hopefully that ends the controversy.


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