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Roger Searle

Hi Jeep,
The Acme is at 39 Leopard Rd, Paoli, PA 19301

Leopard Road is Rt. 252.  The Acme is on the West side of 252 just South of Rt. 30.


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Does anyone have the street address for my GPS?


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You can get there any time you want but the drivers meeting is at 9:30, Start at 10.
Larry is the  Rally Master
Hopefully that ends the controversy.
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Larry Macy is going to be the rally master. Arrival time is 8:30. Meeting at 9:00.
All the best,

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I understand that Larry Macy is subbing as rallye master since his car is not working. 

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Is Lester elected?  Is the plan still 9:30 drivers meeting at the Acme in Paoli off 252 at Lancaster Ave?

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I was planning on participating in the rallye but if there is no one else I can do it.  My wife will appreciate the time home and not in the car😎

On Apr 16, 2019, at 10:59 PM, Steve Perlman <sperlman63@...> wrote:
Sorry for your loss.
Heart-felt condolences to all who mourn.
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Please see the below email from Ed about the MG vs DVT Rallye:

Hey Gang, due to a death in the family I will be unable to serve as Rally Master on the 27th. I am looking for someone to step in and be my substitute. I have the route finalized and mapped out and all the awards ordered.  Just need someone to run the event.  Keep in mind that this is a powerful and terrible power at your command.

Let me know if you can step up and I will coordinate everything with you.

Ed Emery

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