Re: Substitute Rallye Master Needed

Lester Weinraub

I was planning on participating in the rallye but if there is no one else I can do it.  My wife will appreciate the time home and not in the car😎


On Apr 16, 2019, at 10:59 PM, Steve Perlman <sperlman63@...> wrote:

Sorry for your loss.
Heart-felt condolences to all who mourn.


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Please see the below email from Ed about the MG vs DVT Rallye:

Hey Gang, due to a death in the family I will be unable to serve as Rally Master on the 27th. I am looking for someone to step in and be my substitute. I have the route finalized and mapped out and all the awards ordered.  Just need someone to run the event.  Keep in mind that this is a powerful and terrible power at your command.

Let me know if you can step up and I will coordinate everything with you.

Ed Emery

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