Re: 1978 MGB Clutch Question

Lester Weinraub

When I purchased my b 15 years ago I had a clutch installed by an excellent mechanic.  It released near the top. I asked about it and he gave me some technical answer about wear on others parts.  ... about 2-3 years later after hearing others say my clutch was wearing out since it released high I replaced the clutch again--only 2000 miles on the first one and no slipping.  Lo and behold the clutch again released high.  Replaced the slave cylinder and no change. Fast forward to 2018 and 15000 miles later clutch not slipping but when I pushed in the clutch all the way there was a whining, hissing noise.  Shifted fine and no slipping. Drove it for 500 miles and no problem.  However soon it got hard to get in to gear  and next thing you know I was stranded in a parking lot and unable to shift.  Replaced slave cylinder (which was shot) but still unable to get in gear.  Ended up the throw out bearing was so worn that Pete Cosmides said he never saw one so worn out. He replaced clutch, throw out bearing ...

Now clutch engages toward The bottom. 

Moral of story, is that if the clutch engagement point has always been at or near top, may not be an issue until you hear a noise when pedal is held to the floor. However if the clutch engagement point has been rising over time looks like you will need a new clutch soon.


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I don't think that there are any adjustments to the clutch. What is most likely the cause of your high pedal is a worn out clutch, throw out bearing, lever bush, push rod or clevis pin.  When these parts wear too much, the slave cylinder reaches the limits of its travel. Hence the high pedal.

Had the same problem with my roadster. My clutch was slipping in the higher gears. Upon inspection the clutch disk was worn, There was almost nothing lift of the carbon throw out bearing, and the hole in the push rod was elongated.



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