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Roger Searle


I plan on going.  I can take you home.


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I plan to leave my house around 7:30/7:45 with the Magnette. I would like to know who is going so I know how much coffee and donuts to pick up. I also need a ride home as I will be dropping off my Magnette. Please post if you are going by tomorrow. Ed Sweeney plans on demoing replacement of tie rod boots and anything you guys might have a question on. He said he has a nice collection of cars for us to see.
Call or text me of you can...215-802-1974

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Hi all,

What are you doing on Saturday the 21st from 9am - 12pm?

Hopefully joining some of your fellow club members for a MG Tech Session - Proper Noise, 1615 Ridge Ave, Reading, PA 19607. Ed Sweeney (club member) will be hosting a tech session at his shop in Reading.

Our Newsletter Editor would like a write-up from anyone who goes - please email Lambert at lliebel@... or news@....

Then 1 week later!


Sunday April 29 , 9 AM

Drivers/Navigators meeting, 9:30 AM
1st car off at 10 AM

MG vs. DVT SPRING RALLYE Valley Forge National Park Visitor Center lot (same area where we've met before).

Looking forward to getting the Lucas Cup back to it’s rightful place with the PMGC 😀😉 !!

See everyone at the rallye - we will miss the tech session.


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