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This is a discussion group for users of the Perple_X suite of programs for calculating and displaying phase diagrams, phase equilibria, and thermodynamic data. Users of any and all of the other programs designed for this task are also welcome. Students (including undergraduates) are particularly encouraged to join and participate in discussions on the uses and applications of phase diagrams, phase equilibria, and thermodynamic data. This list is intended both to be a place for inexperienced users to ask “how do I…” questions, and for general discussion as to the finer nuances of the use of such programs for those with all levels of experience. Discussions of topics of a petrological nature necessary for the understanding of the diagrams generated are encouraged, as are discussions of which diagrams and calculations are best suited to answering specific geological questions.

This is a moderated list in hopes of keeping it SPAM free. Therefore please include a brief sentence or two showing that you are a human, and have an interest in geology/ phase diagrams, phase equilibria, and/or thermodynamic data. If you are willing to serve as a moderator of the list (more moderators mean sorter delays between individuals joining the list and getting approval), please let us know.

New members are encouraged to browse the archives to see if we've already discussed questions of interest. Attachments in the message archive from before December 2019 are available in the file storage area.

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