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C. R. Chinoy

Will there be any return of the searchable steam locomotive roster? If it
is not feasible or worth the time for you to recreate it on your website,
would there be any possibility you might consider sharing a copy of the raw
database? I am working on a long-term project of a mySQL-based railroad
roster database, and while there are other resources I am working with to
piece together the PRR's fleet, it would be greatly useful to have that
data to work with and reformat. Especially in regards to their earliest
equipment it was one of the best resources I know of.

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Thanks Jerry!! Appreciate all the work you've done bringing all this
great info to the new site.

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With the exception of the CT220's (passenger train wheel reports), all
PDF's previously on Keystone Crossings have been loaded to this location.

Jerry Britton

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