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This group is for all those interested in sharing information about the pups sired by Paxton III. Paxton is a full labrador retriever. He is from Hanford II's last litter and Shadow V's second litter. Paxton was the third born out of litter of five born on April 9, 2005. Paxton was raised by the Griggs family in Washington State and matriculated November 2006. He was kept in the advanced training program for nearly two semesters before "officially" chosen as a breeder.

Out of the first 60 pups Paxton sired, 35 of them graduated : Four breeder girls, three Hearing Dogs, five Facility Dogs, 10 Service Dogs and 13 Skilled Companion Dogs. That is a 58.3% graduate success rate! 

Paxton was brought back into service in 2010 and has now sired 314 pups with female breeders and several more with outside breeders from other service dog organizations.

In August of 2011 the second wave of Paxton pups started to matriculate into Advanced Training. Of the 243 pups matriculating since August 2011, there have been 121 graduates : seven breeder girls and two breeder boys, 39 Service, 40 Skilled Companion, 13 Facility dogs and 20 Hearing dogs.

So that makes it a total of 161 graduates: 13 breeders (11 female, 2 male), 18 Facility Dogs, 23 Hearing Dogs, 51 Service Dogs and 56 Skilled Companion Dogs for an overall graduate success rate for Paxton sired dogs of 51.5%.

Paxton also has 463 grand-pups that have graduated : 50 breeders (37 female, 13 male), 33 Hearing Dogs, 76 Facility Dogs, 133 Skilled Companion Dogs, 160 Service Dogs, 15 PTSD.
Paxton also has 501 great-grand-pups that have graduated : 46 breeders (35 female, 11 male), 45 Hearing Dogs,  80 Facility Dogs, 138 Skilled Companion Dogs, 174 Service Dogs, 14 PTSD.
Paxton also has 22 great-great-grand pups that have graduated :  1 breeder (1 female), 3 Hearing Dogs, 3 Facility Dog, 5 Skilled Companion Dogs, 10 Service Dog
Paxton III was officially retired from his breeder status September 2013.

Last updated 05/26/2019

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