Smaller acrylics


I'm starting a new thread (which you all should do when changing topics), because Manny brings up an interesting point:

While I don't disagree with Manny about smaller acrylics, there are a number of points to consider.  First, whether signed or unsigned, Nagel acrylics are all originals, which make them more valuable than anything that may have been printed as part of a limited edition.  That's just the way the art world works.  Nagel actually signed far fewer acrylic illustrations than he signed, mainly because the majority of his illustrations were "works for hire" not yet protected by the Copyright Act of 1977.  This is all in the book, but essentially meant that prior to 1978, most of his illustration works were one-shot deals, bought, paid for and owned by whoever had commissioned them.  Most were for print publication, so they didn't need to be much larger than (roughly) 9" x 12".

As far as large format pieces go, if you've never seen a Cleo or Michelle up close in real time, you're missing the power of these images, They're huge and impressive -- but they also require a lot of wall space that fewer people have.  Manny is correct when he states that too much Nagel art on your walls turn the place into a museum, so my own oversized pieces remain wrapped rather than displayed.  To me, this works to increase the value of Nagel's smaller pieces, which in an era of downsizing, may make them more attractive to younger fans (assuming they'll pay the higher prices).

Rob Frankel

Oct 17   

Can’t wait to see some more images here. Please post some rarities we never see. I am sure you have many. 
I don’t believe I’ll ever sell these two. They took decades to find. 
One interesting observation: small Nagel acrylics are rather common and not as interesting in that they are quite small. Their image value is limited. The larger originals are quite beautiful yet too expensive to justify. Most Nagel serigraph body images are, to me, not as interesting as Nagel’s large, facial images, i.e., Cleo, Mask, Kristen, Invitation, Collectors and Michelle. You will find MANY small acrylics in circulation before you see these limiteds being offered for sale. Who here owns Invitation or has even seen one? I am missing that one, still. I know of many small acrylics circulating. The body images are fine, Lori, Gray Lady, etc., but it is the large facial images that are quite rare and never surface. Standing Lady defies this trend because she is 6 feet tall. 
Monica, please post some of your images from your collection.
Rob, I believe there was some conversation earlier regarding Ship’s outside upper-mat cut. I checked my framed piece, and it has the same issue, the upper border was purposely cut irregularly, requiring Ship to be matted irregularly, which looks quite odd. It’s still a great image, though. 
Have a great weekend guys. Its time for a scotch, or two.