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Hello all,
I have been collecting Nagel prints wherever I can find them in the wild and I think I have done pretty well  owning nine framed prints and all for under $25 each. But I need to better educate myself as to what I actually have. I realize that some are mass produced poster in nice frames, but I have a few that much higher quality than that. Is there any source that I can read to give me the info I need that you can recommend? 

For example I have a few that have gallery names on the bottom, some are from the Playboy series (because it says so,) and some have no printing at all. I want to know what I have and if I need toinclude them in my insurance.

Thank you 



Well you certainly came to the right place! Our group shares all kinds of opinions about all kinds of pieces, including how to value them.

If you've read my book, you probably have a good idea of how Nagel's work was published and valued.  If not, here's a quick assessment of your pieces according to my own individual definitions.  Of course, you're going to get better comments if you upload photos to the group so that we can see what we're working with:

Overall, when dealing with Nagel's serigraphs, I find collectible pieces to be lifetime, numbered editions signed by Patrick Nagel himself in pencil and in pristine condition.  If printed material isn't signed by Patrick Nagel as part of the limited edition, i.e., 25/90, it may be nice, but it's doesn't command any real monetary value.  It's just a nice piece to look at.

Although most of the collectible pieces don't feature any kind words, there are a few that do feature words, so it's worth giving them a close look.  

As for the Playboy series, they were all published well after Nagel's death, in a last ditch effort by Karl Bornstein to wring out revenue from Nagel's estate (that's all in the book, too).  They generally are not collectible, because nobody really knows how many were actually printed and of course, none were signed by Nagel himself.

Feel free to upload photos of what you have. I'm sure members here will all chime in to answer any other questions you have.

Rob Frankel