Never Trust Auction Houses



If you're constantly hunting for collectible Nagels, you probably know that various auction houses will alert you when they've got one to sell.  The problem is that most auction houses don't know very much about Patrick Nagel's work, and 100% of them really don't care as long as it sells and generates revenue for them.

I've watched auction houses sell damaged, fake, fraudulent and pathetically horrible pieces to an unsuspecting public, and they can do it because lots of people inherently trust them.  The thinking is that these guys are in the business, so they must be experts.  Well, they're not.  They're just guys who have stuff to sell.

Today, this gem turned up on one of my alerts. I don't know that anyone has to be a Nagel expert to spot this poor imitation, which isn't even labeled "after Patrick Nagel" or "in the style of Patrick Nagel."

If you check back after the auctions, you'll find that a number of them do indeed sell. Not sure why. Just don't be one of those suckers who trusted an auction house when he shouldn't have.  Do your homework and you'll be fine.

Rob Frankel