"Kristen" A/P on EBay


Well, you knew it would happen at some point. Legit, signed, numbered serigraphs are beginning to pop up on EBay at serious prices.  Last week, a Heidi didn't sell at US$1,800.  This week, there's an A/P of Kristen listed for US$4,800.  Kristen is one of the most iconic of Nagel's works, with only 95 + various proofs in the edition.  Everyone wants her, few are fortunate to have her.

I don't know that anything over US$1,000 on EBay is an easy sell --there's a Yochum Kay up there, too,for $US1800 -- but it never pays to be shy.  If you really want one, reach out to the owner and ask for his best price.  Sometimes they respond with unbelievable answers:  My own inquiry on a Kristen resulted in my acquiring magnificently framed Kristen, Mirage and a very rare Nagel canvas piece, all at a very attractive package price.

One last thing about the Kristen:  The seller offers to ship it in a "wide tube" which is totally wrong. Always insist pieces be shipped flat to avoid damage.

Rob Frankel -- A great Christmas gift!