It's quiet out there...


Happy New Year to you all!

As we head into 2019, you may have noticed a sharp decrease in collectible Nagel pieces being listed on various sites.  Lots of overpriced non-collectibles and damaged pieces.  Also a fair amount of pieces being marketed as "signed," but are actually personally autographed SIS or such types.  Of the collectible work, quite a few are months-old listings that seem priced way out of line.  A collectible Lorraine, for example, has a US$2,500 "Buy It Now" price on EBay. A few years ago, they were going for US$450.

What does this all mean? Some think it has to do with the crazy stock market, where a recent drop in prices has reduced people's appetite for buying and selling art.  Other believe that Christmas/New Years is a lousy time for any market. Those may be true, but I suspect it has more to do with the supply of collectible work continuing to shrink, and owners of those pieces holding out for better prices.  Last year (2018) was the sparsest sprinkling of steals and deals I've seen to date.

Keep hunting -- and let us all know if you pick up a genuine article!

Rob Frankel