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This week, Ebay is listing a genuine collectible Just Looking, numbered 176/250 and signed by Nagel.  So far, so good.  The price isn't bad (US$1,000) and the seller's story is truly sad (terminal cancer).  But there's one thing you may want to keep in mind before taking the plunge:

As with a few of his other pieces, Just Looking features one of the most difficult colors that both Nagel and Jeff Wasserman had to deal with:  a soft, warm pink.  As I mentioned in the book, the problem with that specific ink was that it was prone to fading to a much greater degree than any other color on the palette. In fact, if you ever purchase any piece utilizing the warm pink, you're well advised to view the piece in person, in order to make sure it hasn't faded.

And believe me, there are plenty of faded pieces out there.

Unfortunately, the seller's photos on Ebay are taken under a yellowish light, making it impossible to determine the piece's quality.  So if you move on this one, you may want to contact the seller directly for better shots.

Rob Frankel


Here's a color-corrected (auto-color via Photoshop) of the Just Looking piece:

Rob Frankel


So you're saying the the girl's dress is yellow?

Monica Moynihan

It looks good to me. I have it ..

The original seller photo had a yellow light filter in it.  Rob seems to have fixed that issue here to represent the colors better. Good job Rob. 

Any one else have thoughts on the pink here. It’s not bad imo. 

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So you're saying the the girl's dress is yellow?


Just Looking has never been a favorite of mine, mainly because I can't get past the script at the top.  Always seemed out of place, kind of a mismatch, but that's just me. It's a popular piece among collectors.

The pink on this one is faded, but I've seen some much worse.  Fact is, there are very few that aren't faded to some degree.  Monica, I believe the Bornstein copy is pretty well preserved, probably because it's been kept in the dark for over 30 years.

Rob Frankel