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Hi Tisa:

You wrote:

Hello All, 
I'm interested in possibly selling these. Does anyone have any knowledge and value of these pieces. I've kept them framed for over 16 years. One of them was framed in 1993 with a assurance seal from the previous owner. 

Tisa Brown
Crossmark Retail Territory Representative

It seems to me that what you have there are not true collectible pieces, in that they're not limited, signed lifetime editions.  Remember that Patrick Nagel was very popular in the 1980s and even after his death in 1984, well into the 1990s.  There were lots of unsigned reprints that made their way into the market throughout the 1990s until the market crashed in the mid-1990s.

Consequently, I doubt your pieces have much monetary value. But as many here will tell you, they're still enjoyable to look at.  Not what you hoped to hear, I know.

Rob Frankel