"Mirage Ship" on EBay


Anyone else watching this Mirage Ship serigraph on Ebay?

I'll grant that this is one of the tougher finds out there (it's among the earliest limited editions that Karl and Patrick produced), and probably is worth more than the average collectible serigraph, but what seems odd to me is that fringy stuff at the top of the matte.  That, and the fact that the matter covers more on the top of the piece than the bottom.  Hmmmm.

For US$3,000, I'd want to see this one close up and personal before bidding.

Rob Frankel


Hello All, 

I'm interested in possibly selling these. Does anyone have any knowledge and value of these pieces. I've kept them framed for over 16 years. One of them was framed in 1993 with a assurance seal from the previous owner. 


Tisa Brown
Crossmark Retail Territory Representative

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That is the top of the print. I have seen that before or this is same print.  When I had asked about print I saw in past they said it came that way back in in 1978. Something  about  end of paper on some. Seems old to me. Ask them and see what they say. To me it lowers print drastically.