1973 Daisy ad



Many of us focus our attention on Patrick Nagel's collectible pieces, but in fact, Nagel's collectibles are way outnumbered by his illustration and advertising work. Many of those original illustrations have been lost, hidden (for example, the works that remain in Playboy magazine's archives) or destroyed after use (usually by the ad agencies who had no further use for them).

Cathy St. George, a Playboy centerfold, friend and model of Nagel's, recently discovered this ad for the Daisy, a Beverly Hills nightclub that was popular in the 70s and 80s.  It was expensive, exclusive and you had to be "in" to get in.  Naturally, I didn't qualify for admission, but hot models like Cathy breezed in. 

This ad is from 1973, appearing in Los Angeles magazine, which was the bible of the hot L.A. scene at the time.

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Rob Frankel