Re: Sky High Double Prints?

Monica Moynihan

I have to agree with Alex. Asking price is not the reflective of market value. As a Realtor I use this example, appraisers can only use sales prices to calculate their value. A Realtor might review active or even pending listings to better understand competition or understand if inventory is low or high for a certain property.  

(like our flood of Mirage lifetime poster listings recently which seemed to allow some to get her more cheaply...that is surely not the norm) But $500 for a state proof. Nicely done to the buyer. 

But with more regards to art, we consistently see skyrocketing prices on Ebay for near worthless CNs. We see lifetime posters sitting sometimes over 2k for years. Once in a blue moon one might sell (because a buyer just had to have that Texas and is uneducated on actual values or simply doesn't care), but that is not reflective of a true market.

By the way, the litho reproduction of Texas "Rio, Classic Visions version is the #1 selling print from the Nagel estate, but we all know it is not simply because it is the best image from Nagel. There is a subculture to that piece and popularity simply because of its connection with the still touring and popular group Duran Duran. It sells consistently. 

If someone here wants to really analyze more of the trends try and you can track prices there pulled from sites. It doesn't always show everything but it will show trends and if you put in the closed Ebay listing number from the a buyers offer accepted  it will show you the ACTUAL sales price of the listing. The site is in process of an update. It tracked Cleo on a few sales. One showed over 2k but the average seemed to be in the 1000-1100 range. Its fun to follow anyway. 

La410 is the one that taught me that and he does the best job of trying to input sales. So thank you to him. 

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