Re: Sky High Double Prints?

Monica Moynihan

While they may be rare. These prices are not near what some have sold in recent years. And yes there have been a few.  Just for simple reference the Just Looking Gallery had the Double "Papermill" never framed and Mint signed on market for quite a long time at $1500. I finally had it delivered happily at beginning of 2013 and paid $1800 with it delivered and nicely framed. At that time I remember thinking it was high;  however, I did want to add at least one double and still do think it is the best of the doubles, due its composition with no space in between. Prices like the ones at David Lawrence will most likely keep buyers from even making offers as they are astronomical. To put things into perspective...An original acrylic on board just sold for the top prices! Which would you rather have for say 8k?

And I know a member of our group picked up the Double Mirage ship for a Steal of $300.00 at a the same Clark's Fine Art auction Rob and I purchased our 33 lifetime posters. Yes, foolish of me not to go after that as well but my focus was elsewhere successfully. I am happy to know one of our us took it. 

Just for reference I have included some pics of mine that were provided from JLG's website before I purchased it. Maybe David Lawrence is completely unaware of these past sales. Might be worth a member letting the gallery know to your advantage in a negotiation and they might be able to persuade the seller lower. Worth a try anyway. If a well known gallery was selling PaperMill and it sold for $1500 ($1800 framed and delivered) in 2012 what is a mint double worth today? 

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