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Craig Blankenship

Just looking Gallery was the conduit for works Jennifer Dumas was selling from the Nagel estate years ago .   I’ve done lots of deals with those guys.  Good people in my book .

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Hello Nagel fans!

I finally received and unveiled for the first time in years my Patrick Nagel "N Piece" or at least that is how I know her. Again not an expert but this was purchased by me from the wonderful Just Looking Gallery in San Luis Obispo. (Thank you Ken and Ralph)! 

I will frame her asap. She is an AP and deserves a gorgeous frame. I love that she is square. 

There is a story here. Just Looking Gallery purchased a few of these prints and the original several years ago and sold them off. I was told I got the last one. (Ken and Ralph kept one for themselves and then one left for me, Yeah.)

Patrick signed and numbered them all. (Ken,  I think said he thought 150 were printed or so total, maybe less) and a handful of AP's guessing 15 max. 

They were commissioned by a publisher/printer in Mexico. Several artists during this time were asked by the publisher in Mexico to make a piece with their last initial. Clearly one can see the N in the telephone line for Nagel. Its very special. 

The story continues however that Mirage got upset with the publisher and "threatened" to no longer allow them access to pieces from Mirage if they sold these or something of that nature....Maybe you guys know more. Anyway so they did not sell them since Mirage was hot hot hot and they wanted access to all of Patrick's work to sell and so forth, so only a handful made it to the states before they were shelved and archived.

Just Looking Gallery got access to what survived several years ago. 

I know there is a similar image I believe Patrick did for Playboy (telephone in pink?) Love on the Line or something. Doesn't really show the N initial in the same manner. I like mine. I love that she is smiling. Patrick obviously didn't release many smiling pieces like TEXAS during his lifetime, so this one must have been fun for him. He apparently was commissioned to do this when he went to Mexico to teach some art students. So what fun he must have been having! 

I wanted to share with you all. And if anyone wants some originals Just Looking Gallery still has some and they are a TOP NOTCH place to work with. I also purchased my rare Double Paper Mill there. Highly recommend. 

Hope you all enjoy.

<Close up N.JPG>

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