Re: Playboy Mansion Invites


Well, that's one of those counter-intuitive issues that affects most collectibles:

As a rule, anything personally signed tends to be devalued by the personalization of the autograph.

Collectibles that are issued as a series are just that: collectible because they're part of a series. Nagel often personally signed non-collectibles for fans at gallery openings, usually personalizing, dating and signing the piece for them.  As such, those pieces (as with all collectibles) carry a more personal value to the recipient than they would on the open market.

It's not uncommon to see non-collectibles marketed as "rare, signed" pieces by Nagel, which actually turn out to be like the ones described above.

Bottom line: If it's signed to you, it's valuable to you. But on the open market, personalization tends to detract from an item's value.

Rob Frankel

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