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Monica Moynihan


I agree with Rob. Try and purchase pieces unframed if possible. If you love the frame it doesn’t cost much to put it back together. 

That’s not to say you can’t find a perfect framed piece, but if she is unframed you can see the backside for any foxing.

When I started collecting, I like you was so excited to find a Nagel, Nagel AP piece (the one similar to Kristen) pulled the trigger in person since it seemed like a deal with foxing. I had it restored by someone in Los Angeles and she’s is now gorgeous with pure colors. The piece altogether purchased off Craigslist, restored and reframed probably cost me $650, so it’s wasn’t bad. And being an AP I wanted to “save” her. However, she will now due to the restoration having to use water never be 100 percent flat. She is a beauty and I still “float her”, but you can find a better Lorraine. 

Let us know what other pieces you want if any. Between all of us looking we can help you too. They aren’t always on EBay. 


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I've been an admirer of Nagel and his work, since I was a budding designer in high school during the 1980's. I've been seeking something more demure to display in my workplace. The eBay Lorraine posted above hit all the right notes for me!

I still adore this piece, but... what the above auction didn't show, was her outbreak of freckles and a very, very tiny speck of grit to the upper right of the bird wing (maybe that part is my OCD chiming in.) 

I'm meeting with a paper conservator here in Milwaukee, to determine what low-impact restoration is acceptable.

Any advice on the valuation of this piece and if such restoration is recommended, from a Nagel aficionado point-of-view?

Thank you in advance!






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