Re: "Lorraine" on EBay


Lorraine is a sweetheart. I know exactly what you mean when you describe her as demure.

Not sure if this is the same piece I referenced above in May, 2019, so here are a few guidelines:

Fair market value for a collectible Lorraine in excellent condition is probably in the US$1,200 range, give or take. Is it worth restoring? Well, first you have to know if the freckles and specs of grit are on the piece or on the glass (if it's framed).  Most sellers feature their pieces framed and don't bother cleaning up the glass.  It's worth asking if you haven't seen the piece up close and in person.

Then you have to add the cost of the restoration. I've found that, except in unusual cases, if a serigraph requires restoration, it may not be worth the purchase, especially if there are pristine pieces out there.  I hunted Gray Lady for ten or fifteen years before I found one worth purchasing -- and then I paid full market for it (they're exceedingly rare).

So do the math and see if it calcs out for you. Best advice (and it's tough to follow, I know) is to hold out for the perfect piece.  In the long run, you'll know you have a perfect piece worth every penny you paid for it.

Rob Frankel

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