Re: Trust nobody - especially auction houses


Mukai was a student of Patrick's who initially based his success on his ability to mimic Nagel's work.  In fact, Patrick used to introduce Dennis as "the guy who does Nagel better than Nagel."

So Mukai was doing what art students have done for the past 500 years - and he's guilty of being a ""poser" because of that? How many works out there by Rembrandt are from him and how many his students? Debate rages. Michelangelo started off by copying other artists before developing his own style, which when you get down to it, wasn't all that different from where he started, he was just better at it than everyone else. Hell, Jeff Koons, a man of limited artistic ability but infinite talent at self-promotion, has made a career of passing off other artist's work as his own - but he supplied the "vision". It does raise the question of how many of Nagel's works are actually by someone else (at least in part), perhaps none, but perhaps Mukai, but that's pretty common nowadays with the "factory" system and widely accepted.

Any work I've seen by Mukai under his name is sufficiently different in style that I don't think he deserves the title "poser" - he's hardly Robert Blue. It's certainly further from Nagel than the Impressionists were from each other - and they copied from each other all the time.

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