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Sorry, but on the matter of Mukai, you're just flat out wrong. If you've read the book, you know that Mukai was a student of Patrick's who initially based his success on his ability to mimic Nagel's work.  In fact, Patrick used to introduce Dennis as "the guy who does Nagel better than Nagel."  You'll also recall that Karl Bornstein tricked Mukai into signing an exclusive contract and then refused to publish any of Dennis's work because he feared the competition would detract from his investment in Nagel.

It's all in the book.

What's not in the book is the story of how Karl Bornstein negotiated with another  artist who was even better than Mukai at duplicating Nagel, during the critical period when Bornstein's partnership with Nagel was about to break up. At the last minute, so the story goes, Karl managed to keep the deal together by granting Patrick a 5% interest in Mirage.  That story is not in the book, because it could not be corroborated by enough sources. That other artist, by the way, is still around and I've seen his Nagel work. It is frighteningly similar to Nagel's.

This is not to say Mukai hasn't any talent. He certainly does. He's reinvented himself many times since the Nagel days and continues to do so.

Rob Frankel

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