Re: Monica's Prints Valuation

Monica Moynihan

For Bryn and any other interested parties.
Ok here are the #1's from the Karl Bernstein estate that I took home after Rob and I split the pot, happily. I just am sitting on them and feel they go to someone who really wants them. I probably won't sell all of these but a few, so let the offers begin. 

Monica's list 

Mother’s Earth Paris 1/250 (WILL SELL) rare 

Just Looking 1/250 SOLD

Papilion State w/star 1/250 (unsure if I will sell) 

Texas 1/250 (probably won't sell)

Swimmers 1/250 (probably won't sell, its my name after all)

Hanson 1/250 SOLD to forum friend

Yochum Kay 1/250 SOLD to forum friend 

Sunglasses Foil 1/75 I think there are only 75 of these? Rare and iconic. (WILL SELL)

Mirage Reg 1/250 (WILLING to SELL)

Grumwald 1/250 (WILL to SELL)

Art Expo 1980 1/250 (WILLING to SELL)

Silver Sunbeam 1/250 (not sure yet, love)

Lorraine 1/250 (SOLD)

Art Expo NY 1981 1/250 (Willing to SELL)

Piedmont Graphics 1/250 (Willing to SELL)

Stanley Fimberg 1/250 (Willing to SELL)
I have a SIS collectors gallery, maybe two ? From KARL.
I have some weird metal MIRAGE thing. Don't even know what it is? ROB? 
I also have a AP NAGEL NAGEL (framed restored locally by expert, WILLING TO SELL) NOT FROM KARL. 

I may be willing to do a trade as well for something I want or a Lifetime graphic. 
I'm not in a rush and I won't sell cheaply. Rob has set the price between 1000-1200 for these lifetime serigraphs  and these are the #1's from Karl's estate. Please note:  I won't put in a shipping tube. You will need to pick up locally or send me what you want to flat ship or arrange with a shipper you trust nearby, so don't even ask me. They are flat and always have been. Stored carefully. Most all never seen the light of day but for a moment or two. Make me fair offer to consider or I might eBay one or two..

They are in as mint in color and condition as probably able considering their vintage and display of few hands at auction, with few exceptions. ( Art Expo 1980 has a minor, minor crease near a corner and slight edge crease so she is probably not be good enough to "float". Feel free to text me 310-429-2255 or email me and I will call you as it may make things easier.)
I will post some pics of Art Expo 1980 and some other goodies soon. I promise before exchange to take more pics of all if you ask). They are just tucked away at the moment, but I can get to them.

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