Re: Monica's Prints Valuation


Hi Monica:

(For those who probably don't know, Monica and I were both about to bid on Karl Bornstein's 30 piece estate of Nagel serigraphs, most of which were #1 in their respective series. We were the only two at the auction that were interested in bidding, so in order to save money, we agreed to bid together and split the lots at a later date. It worked. One of those times where cooperation saved the day!)

Now to your question:

Virtually all of the collectible pieces are easily at US$1,000to US$1,200 give or take. Probably more. That would obviously not include any SIS, of which there were a few. Of the pieces I took from that lot, only Iowa Agronomics was an SIS. 

If you're thinking of selling, feel free to post them here before you try EBay.  These are all good pieces!

Rob Frankel

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